The need to solve complex business problems through analytics is intensifying demand for software and services. It has also created a demand for business consultants and technical resources. AvonDx services offer Retail Active Intelligence Methodology to provide powerful approach that delivers fresh insights into Retail & CPG companies.


AvonDx services can enable Retail & CPG customer to utilize data analytics to get actionable insights

Retail & CPG customers can identify and scope Active Intelligence Methodology for sales and marketing based on available operational and market data. AvonDx can assist clients on how to benefit from fresh market data, true ACV measures combined with existing ERP information

AvonDx can also help CPG customer with consultancy services to conduct Assessment, Deployment and Support

  • Utilise advanced tech capabilities to empower executives to understand analytical retail insights

  • Explain the needed technical Integration to get data analytics (planning, forecasting, etc)

  • Help to develop and setup the infrastructure for reports on market tool to obtain advanced insights

  • Enable actionable Insights by explaining the need for analytics platforms

  • Assist customers in creating what if’s scenarios through store groupings

  • Optimize Trade Spend
  • Put a plan to enhance promotion effectiveness with demographic comparisons

  • Analyse segmentation breakdown to dimensions and characteristics

  • Enhance Brand Loyalty
  • Discover dynamic insights to identify leakage facts

  • Help to analyse competitive landscapes

  • Provide a plan to zoom down to fine levels of granularity to enhance insights