The public sector market is using data analytics to streamline process and improve response to public market requests, today, governments are allocating part of the federal budgets to provide better services to its citizens in areas such as education, health, transportation and security. With the challenge of integrating data for planning and decision-making, the public sector is lagging behind the private business sector in adaptation of data analytics.

Making the right decisions for the public sector requires timely access to accurate information. In an organization filled with technology, there often seems to be an infinite supply of data from different systems. How can you find the right information to support the right decision?

The public sector's challenge is to invest in data analytics to improve government efforts to modernize services. Low levels of data analytics investment cast doubt on the way options for modernization are evaluated and selected. 

At AvonDx we have built services expertise in this segment to perform:

  • Data analytics assessment and deployment

  • Performance Management

  • Data Mining

  • Data Unification