In response to the need for smarter, more efficient data analysis, AvonDx has developed Active Intelligence Methodology (AIM). This ground breaking service helps customers turn data into active intelligence. It’s helped our customers realize huge savings by bringing data to them quickly so they can make better decisions.

The AIM service helps IT and business departments understand the complexity of data to be analysed. We define technology usage and help businesses think critically about the investment required to extract economic value from information and align it with business needs by capturing, discovering and analysing information in our distinct way.

Our approach is to work with customers to find the most efficient and cost-effective solution so you can turn your data into Active Intelligence. We achieve this by:

  • Creating a strategy behind the organization’s short and medium term goals

  • Recommending, designing, and deploying the Data Analytics technology that best suits your organization’s needs and requirements

  • Implementing best business practices and processes inside organizations to yield maximum results

  • Training of resources across organizations to utilize the system

At its heart, AIM assesses an organization’s ability to master data and report it in efficient way. It helps business users understand the value of information and reduces the time it takes to extract information for analysis. Our Readiness Assessment is an activity that pairs AvonDx consultants with organizations for a process that offers customers an overview of the data important to them and prepares them for digital transforming it into data analytics.

AIM centers around five main pillars: