Company Background


AvonDx is a Canadian business and software consultancy firm based in Toronto, Ontario. With a key focus on Data Analytics, we help customers turn data into active intelligence. With today’s multi-faceted business environment, informed decision-making is more critical than ever. Our role is to achieve data insights by recommending and building analytical infrastructure to lead into a Big Data Analytics roadmap and help our organization make the most informed decisions based on accurate and reliable data.

Our team has over 15 years of experience working with leading multinational companies with a core focus in data analytics. We have helped large organizations plan and execute company-wide data intelligence plans across key sectors including:

Why Work With Avondx ?

  • Our focus is primarily in Data Analytics service, our core competency is Turning Data into Active Intelligence

  • We’re technology independent, our affiliation is with our customers our recommendations and roadmap is neutral

  • We approach Data Analytics through a proven methodology attested by the success stories achieved with our customers

  • Our project demands a one-to-one attention, customers realize the investment benefit immediately 

  • We highlight key business data gaps and suggest a solution roadmap that fits with the common business practice

  • We hire expert team of business and IT professionals bringing extensive knowledge to support your existing infrastructure