The field of Data Analytics has seen dramatic success in recent years. Despite the challenges
and growing scrutiny around new enterprise software investments, the success stems from the
fact that Data Analytics technologies provide tangible business value across a number of
functional and industry segments. Business Intelligence or information applications and services
are also increasingly in demand from business users as they adapt to the demands of the real-time
enterprise and decision making in this new age of accountability.

At AvonDx, we work with our customers by:

  • Identifying the main criteria for the final project acceptance milestones and deliverables before the project start
  • Providing a methodology approach for implementing an effective Data Analytics project that covers tasks, resources, timelines, duration and dependencies
  • Measuring project budget against the ROI through tangible KPI’s
  • Focusing our approach on the business users’ needs and requirement matching the project plan
  • Evaluating data quality, readiness and business definitions in order to place measurable indicators to match the data objectives

With a Data Analytics implementation, resources will be required to address a variety of roles. AvonDx will work closely with you to ensure that the project is staffed with the necessary resources including:

  • Data Analytics Architect
  • Data Integration Specialist
  • Data Analyst